Vindula Jayawardana

Graduate Research Assistant | Consultant Research Engineer | Entrepreneur

Data Science, Engineering & Analytics Research Group, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Contact : Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Mobile : +94713462554

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My research interests lie in the intersection of algorithmic and system optimizations with a focus on transportation and other urban infrastructure systems. In parallel to that, I have worked on applying natural language processing and understanding in the legal domain. In my current research, I am interested in enabling efficient and sustainable urban transportation systems, by utilizing advances in information technology, mathematical modeling and optimization, and new transportation paradigms such as mobility-on-demand systems.

My current researches are generously supported by Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (2017/2018).

I am honoured to work with exceptional collaborators, Prof.Samitha Samaranayake from Cornell University, USA, Dr.Amal Shehan Perera from University of Moratuwa, Dr.Uthayasankar Thayasivam from University of Moratuwa Dr.Pujitha Silva from University of Moratuwa and Mr.Nisansa de Silva from University of Oregon, USA.

Current Research

Helio - On Demand High Capacity Ride Sharing for Mobility on Demand (MoD) Systems

Mobility-on-demand (MoD) systems are emerging as a novel mode for urban mobility which provide users with a reliable mode of transportation that is catered to the individual needs. Ride sharing services provided by these mobility on demand systems provide not only a very personalized mobility experience but also present immense potential for positive societal impacts with reference to pollution, energy consumption, congestion, and etc. Ride sharing services primarily concern with picking up spatiotemporally distributed mobility demand and delivering it within a pre-specified time window subjected to different constraints. Large scale ride sharing in more sophisticated spatio-temporally distributed mobility demand distributions, require well designed mathematical models and algorithms in order to match riders and vehicle fleets in real time. In this research, the motive is to design and develop a dynamic model for ride sharing which is reactive anytime optimal and can perform dynamic vehicle assignment in an effective and efficient manner while being able to scale well with both sparse and dense spatio-temporal demand distributions.

Keywords : Ride sharing, Human Mobility, Vehicle Routing, Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport Systems, Mobility on demand

  • Implementation and presentation of On-demand high capacity ride sharing via dynamic trip vehicle assignment in to Sri Lankan context using local taxi aggregator data set.

  • Paper
Titan Law - Ontology Based Legal Information Extraction

Lawyers and paralegals spend a lot of time searching for the information they need from legal documents for a given task or a court case. Such legal documents - presenting the statutes (laws) and court cases - are generally available online. Keyword-based search over these documents, as carried out by web search engines, is not sufficient here because a more sophisticated understanding of the contents is needed. Ontology-based information extraction, where a formal and explicit specification of a shared conceptualization is used to extract certain type of information, is naturally suitable for this type of work. The objective of this project is to to develop an ontology-based information extraction system for law, limited in scope for one or two areas of law such as Business Law and Consumer Law, that helps lawyers and paralegals in their work.

Keywords : Ontology, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing

Fitness Analysis of Sri Lankan National Cricketers

There is dogma that higher training load causes higher injury rates. However, there is also evidence that training has a protective effect against injury. Sport scientists have been making hard effort to find out how the training has the influence on performance. Thus, training monitoring is important tool to evaluate an athlete’s response to training. In this research, it is intend to identify cricket specific parameters that need to be paid attention in training and how to manage the training workload of different players separately.

Keywords : Cricket, External Load, Internal Load, Training Adaptation, Monitoring

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