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Autoencoders — Bits and Bytes of Deep Learning

One way to think of what deep learning does is as “A to B mappings,” says Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Baidu Research. “You can input an audio clip and output the transcript. That’s speech recognition.” As..

14.06.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

Towards Seamless Urban Mobility — Integrating Ride sharing and Public Transit

“Bike-share and car-share programs are springing up everywhere. Cities are innovating and trying to be more agile with public transportation. On-demand systems like Uber and Lyft are becoming popular” says Samitha Samaranayake, Professor..

04.04.2018 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

Adaptive Authentication And Machine Learning

“We use an analogy: the front door of your house has a handle that is easily turned to go in and out. It has a lock for security,” says Omri Sigelman, co-founder of Nuro Secure Messaging. “The more locks you add, the more effort it requires to open the door....”

20.04.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

Word Embedding Based Insights on ICC Champions Trophy 2017

A game of cricket is known for its unscriptable drama, sudden bursts of excitement and suspense. The pace of a match can fluctuate from being a slow-burner to a gripping contest. As the plot thickens, the complex interplay of emotions on display leaves everyone on the edge of their seats.

03.06.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

GSoC 2017 — A Recap and Review

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. I started contributing to open source development few years back starting with WSO2 Charon, an open source library in SCIM standard for identity provisioning. Since then, I totally began to love it. Open source development in my eye, is an art. An art, which brings set of ..

14.09.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

SCIM 2.0 Compliance Test Suite — GSoC 2017 with WSO2

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification is designed to make managing user identities in cloud-based applications and services easier. The specification suite seeks to build upon experience with existing schemas and deployments, placing..

27.08.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

Ontology Generation and Visualization with Protégé

With a philosophically implied meaning of “subject of existence”, the word “ontology” seems to generate a profusion of controversy in discussions about AI. It is also often confused with epistemology, which is about knowledge and knowing. However as a formal ..

12.03.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

Mobile Connect : Digital Authentication In Revolution

With the digital economic expansion, security and privacy on interactions in online space is becoming inevitable necessity. Catering for that motive, GSMA introduces Mobile Connect - a digital identity solution that provide a safe, seamless and convenient consumer experience, a consistent user interface and low barriers to entry across the digital identity ecosystem..

01.01.2017 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

5 Things That Will Not be a Nightmare Anymore, If You Support SCIM

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification is designed to manage user identity in cloud-based applications and services in a standardized way to enable interoperability, security, and scalability. Understanding the use of SCIM in real world could be somewhat challenging for a beginner. Following..

09.10.2016 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

SCIM : Make it Fast, Cheap and Easy

Over the last decade, despite the negatives, world is moving towards cloud based operational environments. Albeit the process of conversion from on-premise to cloud-based is rather slow, any such a motive need to be done carefully. Identity provisioning is one of such salient perspectives which grabs more attention as with the fact..

24.09.2016 Posted by Vindula Jayawardana

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